Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Research 8 – A Ripple in Time (Parts 3-4)

A Ripple In Time – Part 3/8:

I finished Part 3 of 8 and this is what I got.

A Ripple In Time – Part 4/8:

I think it doesn’t have to be that particular Eevee that was caught above, to be used for walking as a buddy and I will be walking another Eevee because the cp I got was only 300+.

So if there aren’t any bad news or rants from me, then it’s fine to walk any Eevee. 🀣

Another new research came up for the upcoming Halloween.

As it is a very short research, meant as an event for Halloween, I have just decided that I am going to post it in a different post and for that research, it will all be shared in the same post.

Thus, check out Pokemon Research Part 9 to find out about the new A Spooky Message. πŸ‘»πŸ’€


Gotta love these new emojis~ 😝

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