Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Research 7 – A Ripple In Time (Parts 1-3)

A Ripple In Time – Part 1/8:

Finished part 1 of 8 parts in A Ripple In Time research.

Seems that we can get a mythical pokemon after completing this research.


One of the task is to make 3 new friends and I have already added close friends who are “still playing” (kind of)… so it came to me that maybe I should do a pokemon go friends list here. πŸ˜‚

A Ripple In Time – Part 2/8:


A Ripple In Time – Part 3/8:

Hatching 9 eggs will take awhile. Pokemon will appear after completion of this but it’s not even halfway through so… will this pokemon be the mythical pokemon? πŸ€”

To be continued…

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