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Pokemon Go Research 28 – A Mega Discovery (Parts 1-4)

There is a new research recently that has got to do with all the mega energy, mega evolved pokemon which you can also find in raids. I have yet participate in a raid so haven’t finish this research to know what exactly it’s about. πŸ˜… But giving me a weedle doesn’t exactly spike my interest. 🀨


A Mega Discovery – Part 1

You get a Weedle.

Note that your weedle now has an additional part called mega energy. Tried to look for it in items then I realised it’s actually here.


A Mega Discovery – Part 2


A Mega Discovery – Part 3

Finally joined a mega battle raid, which is those “changing colours” eggs (raid) you see at gyms.

You can see that the number of balls you receive differs from the usual raids requirements.

Mine was a Charizard raid so I received Charizard mega energy.



A Mega Discovery – Part 4

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