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Pokemon Go Make New Friends – Part 2 (Perks)

After posting my trainer code here in my last post, I received several friend requests in the game but not here.

So… I thought I would share the perks about having more friends on pokemon go.

Like many people, I didn’t want to add more friends to my list because to me, friends are only used for trading pokemons and since, I don’t really want to or is even able to trade pokemon with strangers, I don’t need them. Unable to because we both have to be online at the same time and click on trade at the same time… I mean unless we have telepathy, there is no way we are able to, especially if we are miles away.

Therefore, trading would usually only happen between friends who actually know each other.

However, as I played, I found out that having friends have other benefits.

Those who are playing avidly should already know, so this is for the ones who have stopped playing for awhile, not yet updated or just started playing.

First of all, after adding a friend (and your friend accepting the request), you can send and receive gifts.

You can get these gifts from spinning pokestops but you can’t open them. You can only gift them away to your friends or throw them away from your inventory/ bag. Getting the gifts from pokestops is random and you can store up to 10 gifts in your bag, which thereafter, you won’t get anymore from spinning pokestops.

You can send and receive a gift from the same person once a day. The gift can only be opened if there is space in your bag. However, even if you don’t have space, and can’t open your gift, you are still able to send a gift to your friend.

You receive stardust, balls, revive, potions etc randomly when you open the gifts.

Most importantly, you can also receive 7km eggs from the gifts. In order to get eggs, you need to make sure there is space in your eggs inventory.

However, as getting an egg is still random, this is one of the reasons why having more friends is important. So that you can go through your list of friends to collect all the gifts given to you, until you get an egg because once you have collected a gift, you will need to wait for your friend to send you another. If that friend sent you today, you have to wait till tomorrow to get the gift.

This means that you will need to refrain from spinning any pokestops till then or manage to walk another egg till then. It’s super hard to refrain from spinning pokestops because… I will forget~ πŸ˜…

On this note, yesterday I had to collect all the gifts from all my friends, in order to get one egg. πŸ˜‚

Other than this, I also realised that having more friends means that I can get gifts/ eggs from other countries. Like if you added a friend from Australia, it’s possible to get gifts/ eggs from Australia. Not sure if it would make any difference now, but who knows if 7km eggs could have region exclusives too in future.

To me, it does add some spice to the game to have your pokemon from other countries, even if they are just normal pokemons. 😊

The eggs will have the countries tied to them and so will the hatched pokemons.

Currently, I have 7km eggs from Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Taiwan, US and Canada. A friend tried sending me gifts from Malaysia but I didn’t manage to get an egg when I opened.

On top of what I have mentioned, these are the actual in game benefits of friends.


There are 4 hearts (levels) to attain and each heart attained opens up new benefits. Gifting and receiving gifts, as well as trading pokemons will increase your friendship level.

First level: Good Friend


You can trade all pokemon except mythical. Stardust needed is way higher at this point.

Second Level: Great Friend (Play together for 7 more days)

You get:

1) stardust discount (when you trade pokemons)

2) Attack bonus, Raid bonus and 1 extra ball (very useful when raiding legendary)

Note: you can get attack and raid benefits only if you attack gym or raid together with your friend at the same time.


Third Level: Ultra Friends (Play together for 30 more days)

You get:

1) More stardust discount

2) Higher attack bonus, raid bonus and 2 extra balls


Fourth Level: Best Friend (Play together for 90 more days)

  • Highest Level

You get:

1) Max stardust discount

2) Increased attack bonus, raid bonus and 4 extra balls

My highest friendship now is only this:


Therefore, if you would like to add your trainer code to my previous post, feel free to comment here (with your trainer name and trainer code) or in the previous post: Pokemon Go: Make New Friends


That’s all for now~ Have fun catching~~ πŸ‘»

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