One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 26 (Upgrade materials – Turtles Special 6)

Doing a quick update again as I am really busy this week but there is an increase in dates for another turtles special because the total downloads for One Piece Treasure Cruise has hit 8 million and this is part of the “celebrations”.

The celebrations last from 15th September till 29th September.

However, the turtles special is only from 15th September to 20th September (Japan time). After which, it goes back to normal (every Monday). 

However, each player is still entitled to an hour during that day and it’s a little complicated to know which hour you are entitled to. This was explained in the first turtle post: how to check the time you are entitled to? 


Below shows the time you are entitled to between 15th September to 29th September:

(Due to maintenance, the turtles special on 22nd will be brought forward to 21st Sept.)

Please take note that the timings above are all in Japan time! You NEED to switch the time on your phone/ tablet/ ipad to Japan’s time in order to do this event/ quest.

(To be continued…)

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