One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 06 (Evolution materials – seahorse)

A combination of different evolution items are needed to evolve the different characters. The higher the rarity of the character, the harder the evolution materials are. Harder in the sense that the materials are harder to come by or obtain.

However, some materials (the easier ones) can be easily gotten every week because on certain days of the week, specific materials can be obtained by doing the specials quests.

Similar to the weekends where beli can be earned, on every Tuesday, you will be able to get “sea horses” which is one of the materials for evolution.


Currently, there is only rookie level as shown below:

10 stamina is needed and there are a total of 5 rounds which are really easy to fight. However, as the rewards are totally random, if what you want to get is the highest rarity seahorse, you might want to try your luck every week till you get them.



Boss fight:


This is the seahorse of highest rarity~


Rarity 4:


As shown below, the four different rarity of the seahorses~


Rarity 1:


Rarity 2:


Rarity 3:


(To be continued…)



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