One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 04 (Usopp and Going Merry)

The straw hats pirates reached Syrup village where they met Usopp, the village liar.



‘Captain Usopp’ and his crew~

Boss fight~

Usopp and his rich friend Kaya~ Usopp asked Kaya to give the straw hats a ship and was threatened by her caretaker, Klahadore (Kuro) to stay away but later on, Luffy and him found out about his plot to kill Kaya!

Usopp tried to tell Kaya but due to his many years of lying, she did not believe him.

Syrup village chapter~

Boss fight with Kuro~

Other Boss fights~

Kaya appears to bargain with Kuro~


Final battle with Kuro~


They won and Kaya is grateful so she gave the straw hats their first ship, called Going Merry.

Usopp joined the strawhats on their journey~

Reward : Going Merry

New character : Usopp






Rarity : 3 stars

Colour : Yellow (heart)

Special skill : delays enemies by 1 turn

Captain effect : yellow attack power 1.2 times


(To be continued…)



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