One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! ~ 09

The part below where the Mugiwara crew was trapped by Mr 3 was one of the scenes that left a really deep impression on me.


The reason the Ale blew up is revealed.

A plot by Mr 3.








Mugiwara crew was angry that the giants’ fight has been messed with.


But Mr 3 retaliated and trapped them in his wax.




If they don’t do anything, they will be turned into wax. This is the part that left a very deep impression because their legs were stucked in the the wax and they can’t escape.

Zoro had his katanas with him and he decided to cut his legs to free himself and then go after Mr 3. I was appalled and impressed by him.


Luckily Luffy showed up before he really cut his legs off. He had scars on his ankles to show that he really did try to cut them off.


And as usual Luffy fought them and won.




I think this scene is memorable.



Area cleared.



Journey to be continued…

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