One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! ~ 03 (Usopp)

Onward with the journey!

There are two kinds of stages, the normal stage which is easier.

And only after you complete the normal stage can you unlock the other, the hard stages.

You can see that it’s more difficult, with more obstacles.

The rewards for normal and hard stages are also different.

For hard stages, you receive diamonds which can be used to exchange for items (islands and buildings for your bonbons and skill tickets).

I got 3 diamond coins for this stage so will have to complete quite a lot to do exchanges.

You will still get experience points for those bonbons that you already own.

The normal stage is shown by the yellow stars (number of stars depend on how much star coins you get when you pass that level) and the hard stage is shown by the blue stars (as circled in pink below).

Click on Select Area and you can choose the areas you want to access.

The areas also show you the total number of stars you have already gotten, both yellow and blue.

The rewards you receive from normal stages are usually stamina (needed for stages), star coins (used in exchange shop), decoration crates (for gacha of items and buildings for your island) and beli (coins for levelling up your bonbons).

You also receive experience for the bonbons that you use and the helper bonbons that you own.

For boss fights, you will get rainbow pearls for the first clearance.

Depending on the bosses, there are different criteria and the bosses have different skills.

Here, this boss can make your bonbons sleep and so they can’t be moved.

He also produces cracks which restricts a lot of movement so it is best to use a bonbon that can removes cracks, but really it depends on what you need.

When you fail a stage, you can use 25 rainbow pearls to continue with 5 turns. I would advise against doing this unless you need less than 5 turns to win the game, because getting rainbow pearls is harder than getting stamina.

The cute animation after you kicked the boss’s ass. πŸ˜‚

On top of the normal rewards, you receive rainbow pearls too.

Usopp with Kaya:

Usopp bonbon received! 2 stars only…

You also receive Bounty Points and the different amount of bounty points gives you a different title.

Wanted Pirate here:

Merry gave Luffy and his crew their first pirate ship, named Going Merry.

Usopp was asked to join Luffy’s crew.

To be continued…

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