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Money Saving Challenge, anyone? XD

Does anyone have the habit of saving up?

I don’t mean saving up in your bank but saving up using coins or notes as we used to do when we were young.

I save one dollar coins in my zoro “piggy bank” when I get them and when I remember. Specifically, I only save new Singapore one dollar coins because my Zoro is really quite small. XD

It is a good habit especially when you can’t resist buying stuff that you like (like me!) and I like a lot of stuff! XP
That is when the money that you save in your piggy banks comes in handy and without even realising, it has become quite a sum.

The reason I am mentioning this is because I happened to see this post on a blog and I thought it’s really quite creative and useful!

It is a challenge to save money! πŸ™‚

The idea of it is to save weekly or biweekly an incremental amount for a year.
Look below for an example:


The author of the blog also came up with templates for users to download and use. There are also some other ways like saving backwards (start with a big amount and end with a small amount).

For downloading the templates and reading more, you can check it out here:

Choose the one that suits you the most. I think I will go with the $1 weekly incremental challenge~

What about you? Do share with me if you are taking up this challenge too! XD

Let’s save up for a great year end! πŸ˜€

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