Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends X Transformers Referral Code Event 2021

Hey guys,

There is this new Transformers collaboration with Mobile Legends Bang Bang campaign where you can get Transformers wallpapers, quick chat, Granger and Johnson’s permanent skins and game related items, and it’s not inside the app itself.


You can complete tasks including inviting friends back to the game or new friends to join the game so as to receive Energon Crystals.

100 Energon Crystals allow you to make one draw.


If you are interested to come back to the game or join the game, click on my referral link below:

Mobile Legends X Transformers Referral Link


I am not sure if you will receive anything if you use my link but I will be able to get 100 Energon Crystals.

I checked and it’s not stated in the conditions. Hopefully, you will be able to receive the same too.

Anyway, the items you win or receive will be automatically issued into your in game mailbox.


However, even if you can’t receive from my invite, there are still other tasks like first login, watching trailers etc. I finished everything except for the invites and I have made five draws so far just by logging in and watching trailers. Managed to get Energon cubes for the event itself on 24th so try out your luck too. 😜


This runs until 24 August 2021 and when you click on All Rewards, you will be able to see all the rewards you can get at different levels.

Have fun completing tasks! Good luck getting the goodies. 🀞🏻

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