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If you have heard of Hideout TV, you would probably have heard of

It is very similar to Hideout TV, in the sense that you can watch videos and ads passively to earn points. There is no referral promotions for as of now so basically, there are no benefits to sign up, and you also do not need to seek out a referral code. :X


How Much Can You Earn From

From what I have observed from, in Singapore, it gives me 1 point per video, regardless how many ads were in that video. This is to say, watching a short video is more worth than watching a long one. The shorter, the better. Usually I choose the cooking/ food videos, which are way shorter than the DIY crafts videos.

Since an average short video is about 2-4 minutes, excluding the ad duration so typically it takes up to about 5 minutes to earn 1 point, which in a sense is not really worth it. Therefore I would suggest that you only sign up and try this out if you have another spare device to run the videos.

You can leave it running as the videos auto load by themselves. However, do check them once in a while, as there are times where errors occur, if you keep them running for a long time.
I am currently using my old phone for this purpose as it is not exactly that worthwhile to sell it, and since my old iPod is spoilt, I rather keep my old iPhone as a replacement for my iPod. Also, as the battery is really bad, I will have to keep it on charging the whole time.

I am not sure if the rate is actually better in other countries, but in Singapore, this is the rate I have observed. I think if you are from the US, the rate would definitely be better, as per all other GPT sites.

*New – Daily Rewards

There is a new daily rewards where you can receive extra bonus points for watching videos each day.
1 hr – 5 pts
2 hrs – 5 pts
3 hrs – 10 pts
4 hrs – 15 pts

This is on top for the points you get for watching the videos, which means if you watch at least 4 hours a day, you will have an extra 35 points everyday.

You can find this and view your progress by clicking on luggage bag lookalike icon, right beside your points.


Redeeming/ Transferring Points:

Unlike Hideout TV, does not have the function to redeem the points directly. You will need to link it to a another GPT site and there are many GPT sites that you can transfer the points to.

You can first link all the GPT sites that you already have to work out which is the most rewarding before actually transferring.

I only have a few GPT sites and I concluded that using Reward XP works the best for me.

1000 points in = about 8000 points in Reward XP

You can sign up with my Reward XP Referral Code/ Link: to start off your RewardXP account with 5000 points. This is about USD$0.50.

50,000 points in RewardXP = USD$5 PayPal


Yes, you read correctly. This means that in SG, you will have to “watch” 1000 videos to earn USD$0.80, if you transfer with RewardXP.

This is also exactly why I suggested for you to only use with an extra device.

Also a heads up if you plan to do the transfer from to Reward XP because if you transfer more than 40 000 worth of Reward XP points, they will be on hold/ pending for 30 days.

Therefore, try to do a transfer before reaching that amount, as you won’t be able to choose how much to transfer. It’s an automatic thing. This is to say, if you are in Singapore, transfer before you hit 5000 points in because the rate is 8 times. If you do so, your rewards in Reward XP will be auto credited instead of being shown as pending.
Yes, I learned it the hard way so my points are still pending as of the time of writing. πŸ˜›


As of now, I am still using it but I might stop using it myself too after I have earned enough to cash out on RewardXP, as the electricity bills to keep my device running constantly might or might not be worth it. That said, I am not exactly making use of my old iPhone if I am not running so… I am still thinking.
I read that constantly charging an old iPhone costs about less than a dollar in the US, but I am not so sure about SG, especially electricity here is really expensive. And also since it went up in April by about 10%.

Anyhow, as of June 2022, I have decided to continue “earning” with because my old iPhone is really just left there and it is not worth much to sell it now. Also, just by running it for two months, I have already chalked up to USD$13 worth of points by transferring from to RewardXP. That’s about USD$6.5 a month.
I actually think it is quite a decent amount because if I just left my phone there, it would just be collecting dust, and not earning anything.


Therefore, I leave it to your discretion as to whether you want to test or try it out. If you are not in Singapore, you might get a better rate than me, and your electricity might be lower, so it might be even more worthwhile for you to give it a try.


If not, there are other better GPT sites around, which I have either already shared or will share soon.

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If you are looking for one to watch videos/ ads, Hideout TV is way better, in my opinion. Give it a try! πŸ™‚


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