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[Limited Time] Pokemon Go Research 42 – New Pokemon Snap Celebration

This is a new Pokemon Go Research which is available for a limited time. As of today, it ends in 2 days.

It is relatively easy as mostly you just need to take photos of the pokemons, but you will need to keep an eye out because those that are required are found in the wild.

To take a photo of pokemon in the wild, after you have clicked on the pokemon that you find around, just click on the camera found at the top of the screen. Take a photo and you can either click the right bottom arrow to save it or the lefr dustbin to discard the pic. It doesn’t matter whether you save or discard the photo. It will still register as completed.

For those that require taking more than one photo of that wild pokemon, you can take the same photo of that pokemon over and over again. It will still take them into account and it is way easier this way.

New Pokemon Snap Celebration: Part 1

You get Bunnelby.

You get Meowth.

You get Dodrio.


New Pokemon Snap Celebration: Part 2

You get Onix.

You get Sandshrew.

You get Skarmory.


New Pokemon Snap Celebration: Part 3

You get Qwilfish.

You get Mantine.


New Pokemon Snap Celebration: Part 4

Currently stucked at this part which I think is the last part. Stucked because I have not spotted any of those in the wild. No idea if I am able to finish it since there is only 1 day plus left. I might have to try using my incense.

To be updated…

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