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Lego Series 13 Minifigures

Is anyone here into lego? especially collecting lego minifigures?

I just got my first box of lego minifigures! First box as usually I buy individual packs and never the whole box but as there are just too many minifigs that I want in this series, I thought that I may as well get the whole set and sell away the ones which my friend and I don’t want. XD


Finally sorted out the 60 packs~ I double checked too but still happy to say that my accuracy is still 100%! XD


I love unicorns!!! and hotdogs~ XD

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  • kawaimc

    I played a lot with LEGO back in the days! It was super fun to play with and now I’m studiying to become an structure engineer. So I’m not building with toys anymore, but with big structures ! I’d like to see what figures you get out of these packs!

    • rach

      that’s nice!! when do u graduate? but lego is still fun! i like nanoblocks too! yeah~ this series is adorable! i will share them soon~ XD

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