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Lego Creator Robot – 31062

Finally I bought this and unpacked to build. A robot and a robotic dog, how to resist? 😂 I love the blue colour too. It’s quite a unique blue for lego.

Can’t really tell what the third one is but I would assume it to be a robot too?

my blue robot~ ❤️

I wanted to build the robodog but this is more space saving. 😂

The building process:

It opens up to this.

It comes with two packets and 3 manuals for the 3 different creations.

Let’s build!

Only one of his arm has light. So his left arm is supposed to pick up stuff while the right arm shines to find treasure.

It kinda reminds me of wall-e. 😊

Didn’t get wall-e because it’s way too big and I am really out/ short of storage space. 😂

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