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Lego Classic Small Boxes – 10706, 10707, 10708, 10709

Lego Classic Small Boxes – 10706, 10707, 10708, 10709

These are the lego classic of similar colours in one box so you can just get the colours you need instead of buying the traditional Classic Lego box set.

(Pardon the red background, it’s my bed tray which I build my lego/ nanoblock on. Till I get another colour from ikea, will have to make do. 😉)

Suitable for 4 – 99 years.

There are 4 different kinds, not that expensive but I didn’t calculate cost per brick. However, each box/ colour varies in pieces.

i.e. red/ pink box has less bricks than blue box

Let’s start with the blue classic box – 10706.

Different shades of blue, white, grey and wheels.

Red Classic Box – 10707

There are pink, red, grey, black and eyes! The same eyes you can use for your characters/ builds or even brickheadz. I like it just because it’s printed, not pasted.

Green Classic Box – 10708

Green with very little red and black wheels. These wheels seem bigger than those in the blue box.

Last but not least, yellow classic box – 10709.

Different shade of yellow, orange, tan, little grey and black and there are eyes too.

I haven’t gotten the latest classic sets for this year, have you?

Couldn’t decide on which box to get since they are so different, so couldn’t really decide which set would be more useful. XP

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