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Harry Potter Wizards Unite & Pokemon Go Updates XP

Hey fellow wizards/ witches and those looking to start playing the game… 😬

I have already stopped playing it (for a long while) because I was really getting bored with the repetitive gameplay, with no purpose and goal in sight.

Also, I guess it’s not as fun when there aren’t as many people in the community (nearby) who play it. Even community day was pathetic. πŸ˜…

The not-easy-to-complete-events within the time limit and doing and completing the same tasks over and over again, made it tiresome too.

Unlike Pokemon Go, where you can take your own sweet time to complete the research tasks, and even if you take super long, you can eventually complete them, but for Wizards Unite, if you don’t complete it within the time limit, it’s just gone and you will have missing items in your registry.

For Pokemon Go, you can complete your pokΓ©dex once you catch that certain pokemon but for Wizards Unite, after you complete it, you can reset it, which brings you back to square one and it seems never ending.

Probably would not play it anymore, unless there are changes in the gameplay, events etc.

If you want to know more about the game, you can check out my previous posts, but I won’t be updating anymore on it.

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Still playing Pokemon Go on and off (at least it’s still on my phone), so I will probably still be updating it if there are stuff worth mentioning. 🀨

However, I have reached maximum number of friends (200 friends) in Pokemon Go many, many times and I do not have time to delete those deadbeat players or non gifters recently, I won’t be able to add new friends. I will still try to add those who added me, if I can but the best way to have more and new friends is to leave your username and codes on my site for new people to add you.

You can comment in this post or go to this post to find new friends and leave your usernames and friend code for me to add on to the list.

Pokemon Go – Add New Friends (Make New Friends)

My current non-stop playing game obsession is Forge of Empires. πŸ˜…

Check it out and add me if you haven’t. πŸ€—

Forge Of Empires: Build A City – Add Friends (Invites and Perks)

Have fun playing! 😘

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