One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

[Event] The Legendary Navy Man’s Fist of Justice 02 – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

I managed to finish the event, even though I have yet to get 3 stars for all the stages, mostly using the bonbons I got from the previous event (Luffy, Zoro and Robin), as well as using bonbons that I have according to their different skills.

Therefore, this proves that getting event bonbons from the event gacha is not really that important, but it might make things easier with the boost.

It really depends on the requirements and obstacles of each stage, which you will need to gauge.

Not being able to complete it at first try? Then think of what it is that you need, extra turns? A bonbon that helps to get rid of the fire? Still too many enemies left? Then change your bonbon accordingly.

Stage 1:


I got stucked at the first stage for awhile and even though I used Helmeppo, one of the featured bonbon, it actually didn’t help me complete that level.

It doesn’t seem difficult but somehow, I just couldn’t complete it. 😅

As I didn’t want to waste time playing it over and over again since I tried more than 10 times I think, I decided to use Call A Friend to act as a boost to complete it, and it worked.


3 Event Points for first clear, 20 rainbow pearls for first clear, additional 3 Event Points

PTS refers to the Event Points.

Stage 2:

I only got 2 stars here, and I received 4 event PTS as compared to 3 PTS in stage 1 where I got 1 star.

Stage 3:

I got 3 stars here and I received 6 event PTS.

Stage 4:

Cleared with 3 stars and I got 9 event PTS so I think it goes up with the stage and not so much the number of stars you achieved.

Stage 5:

10 event PTS here even though only got 2 stars.

To be continued…

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