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I have been thinking of starting or rather updating my other blog (aka this blog) more frequently for awhile already. I had this site since a few years back but I thought it was quite dumb to update two blogs at the same time so I let this one grow cobwebs instead.

The thing is after my previous blog site closed down and I was looking for a site to migrate to, I remembered that I have this place but I thought since the posts on that site were mostly passwords protected or personal, I shouldn’t migrate it here. In that case, I may as well start another personal one and leave this to be public. 

Another reason I have decided (but not sure if I will persevere through because blogging with pictures is very tiring~) to continue posting on this blog is due to my upcoming trip. I have been reading up a lot of tips online through various blogs and some of them are quite interesting and useful. That was when I thought, hey! I should share some of my experiences and tips too!

However, like I said, I have no idea if I will be able to persevere. Writing is not a problem. Posting photos is also not a problem. The problems are going through the tons of photos to pick which ones to post and posting the photos together with the story, these are the real hectic and tiring parts which takes too much energy and time. 

Therefore, I have decided to start slow~ I mean like S L O W~~~~~ 


Since I found this app called “Posts”, I wanted to try it out and see if it’s easy to blog with both pictures and writings~

The app I am using for my other blog is not that friendly. I can write directly and photos can be uploaded into albums but the uploaded photos cannot be put together with the writings directly. I have to go onto my PC to insert the pics after that. 

Thus if this app can allow me to post both writings and pictures easily, I will be able to blog from my ipad and iPhone more often! 


Before I go off to watch dramas, shall try the function of posting pictures in this app out.

Cool! Even the size of the pic can be adjusted directly. (Just that I am not sure how big it will turn out after posting. Let’s see~ I adjusted it to 2/3 of my writing area when holding my iPad mini horizontally.)


Just managed to change all my fonts to Verdana instead of the default Times New Roman. Note to self: change fonts before inserting pictures, it’s easier.

Finally, a quote to share: 


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

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