One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 03

3 bosses fights till Nami’s appearance~



Nami appeared!



The main storyline was that in order for Nami to save herself and steal a map to the Grand Line, Nami tricks Luffy into letting her turn him over to Buggy, the pirate clown.



Captain Buggy, pirate clown~


Boss fight~

Then, one of many boss fights with buggy~



This shows the end of a boss fight where the character that gives the finishing move will say something. In this case, Zoro gave the finishing blow.



Mohji (the human) and Richie (the beast) came for revenge.



The small dog is guarding his master’s store even though he knows he is already dead.


Zoro fights Cabaji, the acrobat~


Final fight with buggy~



Nami “act” as their navigator while they go in search of a real ship~



Special reward: 5 jewels!

(If you don’t already know by now, jewels have quite a number of uses and can be earned through special rewards like these, when you level up and can also be bought~)



(To be continued~)


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