One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Bonbons Gacha 03 (New Year Festival Zoro)

Embarking on my bon bon journey to get my New Year Festival gacha Zoro…


Chaka: 3 Stars


Captain Nezumi: 2 Stars


Patty: 2 Stars


Siam: 2 Stars


Mohji: 2 Stars


Pekoms: 3 Stars

He is a mink and crew of Big Mama’s Pirates.

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 1 rock.


Kaya: 3 Stars

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 2 cracks.


Boa Sandersonia:

The other sister of Boa Hancock.

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 1 rock.


Lady Alvida: 3 Stars

This is the prettier version of her after she has eaten the devil fruit, sube sube no mi, which makes her skin smooth and slippery.

This is quite good to have.

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 5 cracks.


Koza: 3 Stars

Skills: Grants self bonbons ATK+200% for 2 turns.


Alvida: 2 Stars

This is the old Alvida before eating the devil fruit.


Morgan: 3 Stars

Skills: Attacks front row enemies 3 times.


Gedatsu: 3 Stars

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 2 cages.


Kuromarimo: 3 Stars

Skills: Takes 1 layer from 2 magnets.


Gin: 3 Stars


Ohm: 3 Stars


Mr. 1: 4 Stars

Skills: Drops 40 self bonbons and attacks.


Oh yeah!! Finally I got him! I lost count of how many rainbow pearls I had already spent.

Roronoa Zoro: 4 Stars

Skills: Drops 50 self bonbons and attacks. Turns 1 bonbon at random into arrow pieces.


Ms. Valentine: 3 Stars


They usually display a summary of your gacha wins after the individual.


I have two 4 stars Zoro.


This is the new one from the New Year Festival gacha. It is stronger than the other since it drops 10 more self bonbons, but what I really like about it is that it will turn 1 bonbon into an arrow piece. Sometimes, it’s this one arrow that turns the game in my favour.


This is the Zoro that I got right at the start of the game where you can choose your first crew member.


And because I have Luffy and Zoro from the New Year Festival gacha and I exchanged Robin from the event, I got the whole team and they are linked when I use them all together.

This will trigger the team link effects.

Team Link effects:

Zoro – Grants self bonbons currently in the puzzle ATK+25% for 2 turns
Luffy – Turns an additional 2 bonbons into self bonbons
Robin – Attacks with ATK+500%




I consider the gacha to be fruitful because I managed to get both Zoro and Luffy. XD


To be continued…


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