Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

My Mobile Legends S20 Journey XD

Gees! Last day of June already. πŸ˜†

Sometimes, I really hate how time flies by. Half of 2021 is gone! ☹️


Thought I would keep a record here because I started playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang about one plus, two months ago and as most who play this would know, it’s the easiest to get fabulous results when you are just starting off, namely in Ranked Games. πŸ˜‚

I highly doubt my results this season will be as good. πŸ˜…

That’s purely because you start off at the lowest rank and rises, but when you start a second season, you are only slightly lower than your last reached rank.


Anyway, last season S20, I managed to reach Legend V (1 star) on the last day.



Thought it was quite an achievement because it takes a lot of time and energy to play Ranked Games. πŸ˜…



And most of the time, it’s exasperating.

You meet weird people who seem to want to lose or mess up the games, people who ban or snatches the characters you want to use, speak in their own language assuming you will understand, and the bad translation never helps or scold (type) in game more than they fight. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Anyhow, this was the journey that was shown to me after the season (S20) ended.

Thought it was quite cool. 😎


(S20) Season 20

Highest Rank: Legend V

228 Ranked Games – That’s quite a lot! πŸ˜…


19th April 2021 – 23 Kills

That must have been quite shiok. πŸ˜‚


Win Rate – 56.6%

Not bad, my win rate is so bad now. πŸ˜…


My Favourite Hero – Layla

Yeah, I like using her and I am best at using her. Better at Marksman than any others but more skilled with her.

It’s also the same in ε‚³θͺͺ, with my most skilled hero being a marksman.



100 Ranked Matches!



Legend V

Let’s see how far I can get this new season, though I have really not been playing as much now.



New Season (S21) Starts At: Epic IV (1 Star)

So it drops two levels after the end of a season.



S20 Season Finale Rewards:

20000 Battle Points
1500 Tickets
Skin: Kaja Crow Magician



Informed me of my starting rank at Epic IV this season.




Overall, this game is fun (if you win). πŸ˜‚ Okay, not only if you win. I can accept losing a good fight but I cannot stand players who AFK, who kept wanting to quit the game just because you are starting to lose, who scold (and scold) more than actually fighting or supporting the team.

It’s when I meet such irritating peeps that makes me not want to continue the ranked games and just stick to just classic and brawls. 😜


Oh! I really like Shadow Brawls! I couldn’t stop playing the whole time it was on and I learned to use so many heroes because of it. It was fun! πŸ₯°


Anyway, the delta variant seem really scary and contagious so everyone, do take good care!

Take the vaccination if you can. It might not be highly effective against the new variants but at the very least, it helps from being seriously sick. At least at the moment until a better option comes up, this is the best we can do for ourselves and people around us now.

Sigh! I really hate wearing masks. πŸ™

Be safe! 😷


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