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MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Skins Event 2024 – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends X Jujutsu Kaisen Event is back in 2024!

If you have not gotten Jujutsu Kaisen in-game items and skins yet, here is your chance again!

This event will start on 8 June 2024 and end on 13 July 2024.

Satoru Gojo = Xavier

Megumi Fushiguro = Julian

Yuji Itadori = Yin

Nobara Kugisaki = Melissa

I was hoping that there will be new items and stuff this year but nah, everything is the same as last year so other than the three other skins of Megumi, Yuji and Nobara which I have yet to get, there’s only the Quick Chat Choice bundles that I have yet to unlock.

There’s literally nothing new for me to year to be excited or in awe about. ☹️

However for those of you that missed out last year, you can get all these this year too:

Skins of all 4 characters

Quick Chats Bundles

Effects (Spawn, Elimination etc)



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1) MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Gacha

– There is a guaranteed collab item on the 10th draw!

– You need 1,200 Jujutsu School Crests for 1 JJK Skin!

– If you can’t hit that amount, exchange for other JJK items like effects and emotes.

– I received 138 School Crests from the 11 free draws and I am going to exchange for the Quick Chats bundles that I am missing.

2) Jujutsu Kaisen Free 10 Draws

– Satoru Gojo’s Secret Training

Highly recommended to complete this!

If you are short of time, just play 30 rounds of Brawl games, which usually will not take that long to complete.

Once you complete this, you will receive a total of 10 tokens for the gacha, which gives you a guaranteed Jujutsu Kaisen Collab item.

I completed this too for my free 10 gacha draws, without realising there’s nothing new for me.

3) Jujutsu Training

Do these tasks to receive a Nobara Zip It! battle emote.

I already have this so I exchanged for other in-game stuff instead.

4) MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Token Event

– You need to top up diamonds for this.

– This usually only last for 3 days so be fast if you want to complete this for the free tokens.

– It is worth it if you are planning to spend money on topping up and this is highly recommended to complete .

– There are two of this events throughout the whole campaign and this current one should be the first.

– Weekly diamond pass lets you complete the 100 recharge task.

– Get the Monthly Epic bundle for completing all the 250 recharge tasks.

– Topping up 250 diamonds and spending 250 diamonds gives you a total of 28 Tokens (including 1 from signing in) for the gacha.

– The next round will provide you with 1 more free token just for signing in.

Have you gotten your Jujutsu Kaisen X MLBB in-game items?

Even if you don’t spend any money, all the above that are free to complete, should give you a total of 11 free gacha draws and a free Nobara battle emote.

That said, 11 free draws in total gave me 138 school crests which includes two items that I had already so they were automatically changed to school crests.

As 10 gacha draws give you 1 guaranteed collab item, you should receive at least two collab items. With the leftover school crests, you should also be able to exchange for others.

Have fun playing and get your JJK collab items! 👊🏻🍀

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