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[Limited Time Event] Win 1000 Diamonds – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Hey guys, there is a limited time event of Spinning The Fortune Wheel now to win up to 1000 diamonds.

This event only runs from 17-19 November PST.

However, you will need to use diamonds to spin the Fortune Wheel.

The Fortune Wheel is located under the Presents icon tab (on the bottom, 2nd to the right) on your home screen. Look under Events.

Once you have clicked into the Fortune Wheel, you can see two different tabs for two different wheels.

Only the one which you need to use Diamonds, can you receive up to 1000 diamonds.

The rest of the prizes are the usual passes, with an addition of 8 diamonds.

Remember to select the Diamond Wheel.

There are actual winners of the 1k diamonds shown below. I wonder if it’s real though, as they are all “numbers”…

Oh! If you are looking for an invitation code or to share yours, go to this post: Chapters Invitation Code

Will you try your luck on the wheel?

I think I will when I need a pass. πŸ˜‚

Good luck! πŸ€

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