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Lego City Coin Bank (Robber) – 40110

Lego City Coin Bank (Robber) – 40110

This is the coin bank from lego city and it really is a coin bank where you can put coins in. Works like a vault, that has a wheel which you can turn to open and close.

Mr Robber in the coin bank.

I left everything that comes with it inside. The robber, nice, dollar bills. There is even cobwebs and spiders in it, just to show how empty the vault is.

I like how the mechanics of the door works. It’s simple but opens and locks well. The coin slot to put money in is on the top, but not like it can contain much money. πŸ˜‚

The front view:

The left view: with the robber wanted poster

The back view: seems as though it’s bursting with cash? or did the robber crack it?

The inside of the coin bank:

A closer look at the door and the locking mechanics: the grey thing is the one that turns and opens/ closes the door.

I like this design and build. It’s also more useful than normal lego builds since you can actually use it as a coin deposit/ savings bank. Just that you really can’t save much.

Unless you put hundred dollar bills inside each time? 🀣 Just saying~ XD

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