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Gibson Vs Fender Vs PRS

This guitars video by Guitar Masters (on instagram) is great!

Gibson VS Fender VS PRS 🎸

Can’t upload video so here is the link:


I have always wanted to know and hear the difference between these three famous brands of electric guitars~ 🎸

I am a noob in guitar playing, knowledge and don’t exactly know the terms to describe them but from what I hear, Gibson sounds thick, full, like solid kind and the pitch is not as high.

Fender seems to have the highest pitch and is clearer and sharper but there is also a metallic, echoey lingering sound to it.

PRS feels more in between, obvious higher pitch than gibson, but cleaner with clarity. From this, I think I like Gibson the best, followed by PRS and Fender.

Probably not a good comparison because they sound very different and cater to various needs but I prefer a more solid sound than a higher pitch, sharper one. Eventually, it still boils down to personal preferences and how well a guitarist performs his/her magic~

Just as my idols, Monster who likes Gibson, Orianthi who likes PRS and Stone who likes Fender and they all have their own signature guitar with their favourite brand~ 🀘🏻


Just my two cents~ πŸ˜‚



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