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Forge Of Empires: Build A City – Add Friends (Perks)

Hey guys, I just started playing this game which I realised has been around for a while.

It’s called Forge Of Empires, a building game but there is also a bit of battling (invasion) and trading in the game. Since I am relatively new to it, this is what I can derive from it for now. πŸ˜‚

If you are into building games, you should try it. It’s a little different from other building games, yet similar.

And the reason I am writing this is because, I want more friends. 😝

It’s easy to add friends in this game, but what you want are friends who actually do play and contribute.

Thus, this is where I share my invitation link/ code:

My Forge Of Empires Invitation Link:

The benefits of invites are basically diamonds, as the players you invite proceed with the game. You can find your invite link under the Invite Players tab.

I would definitely appreciate it if you use the link I shared above to join this game but if in the event that you don’t, or if you are already playing this game, and wants to add me, you can do so like this:

Click on the Social icon on the bottom right of your main page.

Click on Find under the Find Friends icon on the bottom far right.

(The one on the bottom far left is for you to approve. Someone added me so I need to approve his/ her friendship.)

You will then get to this page where on the third tab above, under Friends List, you can search for the player you want to add as your friend.

My username is rachlism so if you want to add me, just key that in and search. (Tried searching for myself but it doesn’t appear. πŸ˜‚)

Not exactly sure how many friends you can add in total in this game but really, the more the merrier. πŸ˜‰



First of all, you will actually be prompted to add friends when your tavern is unlocked.

Friends are important in this game because the tavern is a place where your friends can visit to leave you silver coins which you can use for upgrading your tavern and for buying boosts.


Under Tavern Shop, you can buy different boosts using your tavern silver. Mainly consisting of Resources boosts, Military boosts and Timer boosts.

Only friends who you have added can visit your tavern and you can also visit theirs. Friends who have upgraded their taverns might even give you forge points at random when you visit their taverns.



Another perk of adding friends is that they can Aid your buildings and decorations. You can also Aid theirs. When you Aid them, you earn gold coins which are required in mostly everything that you do so this is a great way of earning that gold that you need, especially at the start.

Just click on each friend at the bottom of the page and you can see Aid and Tavern.

You can Aid and visit each friend once a day and the counter will start.

The problem with many friends is that you will need to click through each of them to check who hasn’t been aided or visited.

But I want more friends so feel free to add me at:


Also, feel free to use my invitation link below if you want to try this game out.

Forge Of Empires: Build A City


Last but not least, if you want me to add you or if you want to share your user id with others, leave a comment below with it. Will approve it or even form a list. 🀘🏻

Have fun playing! 😊

And have a great weekend! 😘

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