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Figuring things out~

I realised my blog still looks like the default wordpress blog so I had to come online to change it and looking for themes here which I like seem harder than my previous blogs. I couldn’t find any one piece (anime) themes readily available.

Also, it wasn’t that easy for me to make changes because either I had to pay for something (which I don’t want to) or I had no idea what that certain function is for. Think I will need some time to figure these stuff out but at the very least, at least my blog looks prettier! Ok, I know I will still need to find a picture I want to use instead of the current default pic. This current image actually reminds me of a house which I took a photo of in Scotland, Edinburgh. Gosh! I miss that place!

Anyway, while I am still figuring things out, which might take quite a loooong time, let me share a nice song with you.

I came to know of this band because of the featured singer Orianthi. Sidetrack a little, Orianthi is a wonderful guitarist and she is one of my favourite guitarists! You will hear more of her from me in times to come.

Meanwhile, check out this band called The Fairchilds from Australia.

by The Fairchilds feat Orianthi

I think I lost my soul, just like you said I would, when I lost you.
I feel cold as a stone, yes I feel numb and cold, since I’ve lost you.
But when I close my eyes,
I see your shining star, guiding me through.
I would so wanna fly, spread my wings in the sky, underneath you.

I’m High So High

I just walk on the line, don’t know with who or why, but I need it.
With your soul next to mine,
I’m a ghost not a man, do you feel it?
And the tears in my eyes, desperately ran dry, I can’t hide it.
Will to live, I can try, broken on the inside, let this boat sink.

I’m High So High

If I don’t blame myself for this painful descent,
tell me who do you think I could blame.
If I don’t take the chance, if
I can’t live again, do you think someone would even care.
‘Cause I’m so scarred, I’m tied, you’re the needle running
through my veins.
Just tell me how I can survive.

I’m High So High

Just tell me how I can survive.

I’m High So High

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