One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

[Event] The Legendary Navy Man’s Fist of Justice 05 – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

Stage 21:

Stage 22:

Stage 23:

Stage 24:

Stage 25 is the final Boss Stage, and also the last stage. This means that it’s (sort of) the hardest and in turn also gives you the highest amount of event PTS.

Stage 25:

You can get 100 event PTS on first clear and additional 35 PTS for subsequent clears.

This is a summary of the number of stars that I managed to clear in my first round.

Even though I have completed all the stages, I will still try and continue to clear the stages again and also attempt to get 3 stars for all the stages.

This is why.

Under Missions, when you click on Extra, you can see that for a limited time (duration of the event), you will be able to get rainbow pearls when you complete these missions.

They vary from total scores…

To getting 3 Stars for each stage.

Every stage is included so you will want to remember to collect your rewards from Missions, before the event is over.

The below shows those which I have yet to achieve.

Next up, another reason to redo the stages so that you can get more event PTS is so as to redeem for rewards.

In the Reward Shop, where you can find in the event itself, you can see exactly how many event PTS you have for redemption.

In my case, after the first round of completing the stages, I have 982 PTS on hand.

Therefore, first of all I would exchange it for the Coby bonbon with 200 PTS, as this is an event bonbon.

Not sure if I will use him in future or during this event but might not be able to get it in future so may as well.

You can of course exchange for other rewards such as skill tickets, recruit tickets.

Transponder Snail for Calling A friend, arrow piece, bomb piece or rainbow piece to use in games.

Berries (beli/ coins) to level up your bonbons, or Decor coins to buy more stuff for your island.

I highly recommend that you use 5 PTS to exchange for the red recruit ticket that is only available once.

And also this skill ticket below even though it requires 500 PTS, as it can be used for ANY bonbons to level up their skill levels and it’s hard to get. 😅

Only saw it during events and it’s always available in quantity of 1. 😰

If you managed to get any event bonbons from gacha, it’s also a good idea to exchange for skill tickets for that event bonbon. This is why other than the above, I plan to use all my PTS on Coby’s skill tickets.

I think that’s about it for this event and events in overall.

I am still thinking of what I should actually share for each event in future, as in what would be useful to share with you guys.

If there is anything you want to know, leave me a comment below. 😊

Have fun playing! Events is one very good way of getting rainbow pearls. ✌🏻🌈

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