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Dropbox Sign Up Referral Link – Get 500mb more!

Hi guys,

I believe most of us are using dropbox currently or at some point of time. Did you know that dropbox has a referral system too?

And this is where I share my referral link:


You can receive 500mb more on top of the free 2gb you get as a free user if you sign up with my referral link above. So after fulfilling all the conditions needed, like installing the desktop app etc, you will have a total of 2.5gb.

Not that much if you need to do back ups for videos, but for basic stuff like photos and documents, it should be sufficient.

Dropbox is also a great place to back up your ebooks! I will talk about that again when I share my buy from Shopee (which I have mentioned a long time ago but yet to share πŸ˜…).

If I am not wrong, from what I remembered, many years back when Dropbox first started, you could expand your 2gb account by inviting friends to join so imagine my shock when I suddenly recalled the referral programme, while I am doing a back up for my site, and upon checking realised that it still exists! 🀣

So if you want to get 500mb more on your free Dropbox account, sign up for a new account with my referral link:

Dropbox Referral Link


Also, after you have signed up, you can refer your friends to get more space on your account too. You can find your referral under:

Settings > Plan > Invite A Friend

This is what your friends will receive when you send them an invitation.

And your friend will need to complete certain steps before you can both get the extra 500gb.

It’s easy though.

1) Sign up through the referral link:

2) Install the Dropbox desktop app

3) Sign into the desktop app

4) Verify email address that is used for the account

That’s it. 😊

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