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Singapore 2015 SG50 Funpack!

Finally collected my sg50 funpack! XD 

The bag is nice but there weren’t as much fun as I expected inside… starting with the not-so-attractive detergent, coffee and cereal which goes to mum, newater which will go to bro, I am keeping the rest. 
A Singapore flag with a stand, a balloon that inflates but doesn’t light up as supposed to, sg tattoos that I will attempt to stick on bro, a ndp 2015 brochure and the proclamation of Singapore card, a lollipop (no idea what brand this is), haw flakes (candy) which bro and I like, pickup sticks (nice childhood game), Sg flag erasers which quality cannot match those I had when I was young and I had loads, that btw had a coloured base. 
The last and only one thing which I love in the pack is the Singa figure! ✌🏻️ Mine has skulls and bones and is singing but the best part of it is that it’s holding an ice-cream cone!!! 😋 it’s so me!!! 😊 
What did u get? XD 

(This is definitely my longest post on ig!😁

Yup! It’s a copy and paste from ig with editing of caps that’s all)

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