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Shadow Pokemons (Part 1) How To Get – Pokemon Go

Shadow Pokemons (Part 1) How To Get – Pokemon Go

Have you seen your friends with buddies (pokemon) that have red eyes and purple smoke around them? Those are shadow pokemons.

You can get them from these special black pokestops with the letter R that are randomly appearing around.

When you see them, just click on them (within spinning distance) and try to spin them and you will be able to battle against three different pokemons.

Use your strongest pokemons (the types of pokemon that you use against those types you are fighting matters but since you wouldn’t know what you will be against before going into battle, safest to use your strongest ones) against them, as you will need to win the battles, in order to have a chance to catch the shadow pokemon.


When you win, you will get pokeballs like those you get from raids so there is at least 3 balls to catch them. Depending on how many pokemon you have left, you can get between 3 to 5 balls.

Remember to use your berries if you really want them.


You will be able to purify the shadow pokemons that you catch and their CP will be higher, and they will learn an exclusive charged attack.

This is a purified Bulbasaur.

This is a Shadow Rattata which I didn’t purify.


In your bag, they also look different.


You can lose a battle especially when you use the wrong type of pokemon to fight. (My dragonite lost to a raticate! 😨🤣)


The good thing is, so long you are still within spinning distance, you can battle again.



To get more white pokeballs to catch the pokemons, other than keeping the maximum number of your pokemon alive, you can get more by battling more shadow battles and purifying the shadow pokemons.


Under Hero and Purifier, where Hero refers to defeating Team Rocket (winning the shadow battles) at least 10 times and Purifier refers to purifying shadow pokemons.


You can check for yours under all your achievements medals.


Click on them and you will be able to know how many you have completed.


At least 10 wins for the bronze, in order to get one more pokeball.


At least 5 purified pokemons to reach bronze and get one extra pokeball.

There are quite a number of shadow pokemons to catch and I guess most people, like me, would want to keep both Shadow ones and purified ones.


Just wondering how long this lasts, and how many would I encounter before it ends.

ps: Try to get to the 2nd part of Troubling Situation (Special Research) before you fight any shadow pokemons as there are two requirements that need to be fulfilled.

pps: Try to get to the 3rd part of Troubling Situation before you purify any Shadow pokemons.

To be updated…


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