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Remember My New URL: 😊

Hi guys,

Sorry for flooding your mailboxes!!! 😭

I am truly sorry about that! πŸ˜“ I am uncertain as to if you did suddenly receive hundreds of my old posts as a result of imports to my new site, and I would like to apologise if you did. πŸ˜”

As you might have or might not have noticed, my current url is as my previous wordpress account has been suspended suddenly after my last blog update. It was a suspension by their system and while I have been trying to get it back, I couldn’t because my sharing of third party links and gaming stuff is against their guidelines of spam or machine generated content etc. πŸ˜“

My almost ten years of blogging, sharing and updates are all gone. 😭

Therefore, I have decided to self host instead but as my previous site is suspended, I am having a difficult time trying to migrate the whole old blog over, and it certainly didn’t help that my site was images heavy. I can’t seem to migrate the images over successfully, as they are all tied to my previous site, which is suspended. I have tried various methods but didn’t succeed.

This is why you guys have suddenly received a lot of emails updates from me. I hope that isn’t the case but I think I might have flooded you guys after I migrated subscribers over, and then attempted to re-import all over again as I had some issues with the posts.

This is a major mistake which I hope wouldn’t happen again. πŸ˜” I am so sorry! 😫

Since I lost all the images, which I am still trying to get back from wordpress, all my current posts are without images.

At the very worst, if I can’t get them back, a lot of my past posts especially those about One Piece Treasure Cruise will be redundant as my game walkthrough guide will be super difficult to understand. However, I also wonder how many people are still playing that game or have already moved on like I did. πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, if in the case I can get the images back, I will do my best not to flood you guys again with them, while updating.

As I am thrown into this new world of self hosting, where everything is unfamiliar, since I am too used to being spoon fed by previously, I ask for all of you to bear with my trial and error attempts while I learn on the go.

You have no idea how much I have read over the past few weeks. πŸ˜… Even so, I am still learning while I update.

Like how I didn’t even expect new posts to be sent to you guys when I simply just updated my theme. That was just ridiculous! πŸ˜“

I know this because in order to prevent the above stuff I mentioned from happening, I subscribed to my own blog earlier on. Just for me to see what all of you will receive as a subscriber. ❀️

Thus, while I am waiting for the reply from the wordpress team to get my media back, I will be trying to update the interlinks between my posts. I am still hoping to get my images back so I won’t update the images part for now. Especially when there is a limit to the images I am able to update.

Although I have been blogging on wordpress for more than 10 years, and even longer on other sites, namely Taiwan and China blogs, I didn’t know my site can be suspended just like that. Truthfully, I feel like such a noob since it did not occur to me that I have to do any back up. πŸ˜…

The only time I did a back up before was because that Taiwan blog site was closing down, but they made it so simple to migrate to another site. That said, I think the Taiwan blogs are way less particular about content, since I have seen loads of different genres being touched on. They definitely wouldn’t suspend your site just because there is gaming stuff or third party links.

Yeah, I am sour about it. 😜

This is a painful and shocking experience so back up your blog if you are reading this. 😜

To update, I researched and came up with a method myself to link all the images I managed to get back, after uploading them, to each of the posts. It’s manual and a bit more hectic that I would like but I think it gets the work done and I am feeling kinda proud of myself that I managed to come up with such a way, as I literally couldn’t find any other solutions elsewhere. If I have the time, I will share it for people who need it. πŸ˜€


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