Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Research 3 – A Mythical Discovery (Parts 4-6)

A Mythical Discovery – Part 4/8:

I completed my special research part 4 of 8. Getting closer to having a Mew Two~~ XD

A Mythical Discovery – Part 5/8:

Completed my field research again~ and i got the same o’ Moltres to catch again~



And I completed Special Research part 5 of 8. Didn’t expect to finish so fast because of the ditto but luckily I managed to get a ditto few days after. Totally unexpected!

And 6/8 needs me to complete 10 raids. If i don’t want to use any premium pass, and I managed to do at least one raid a day, it will still take me 9 days! πŸ˜…


A Mythical Discovery – Part 6/8:

To be continued…

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