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Pokemon Go Research 27 – Making A Splash (Parts 1-4)

For community day yesterday, which I have not participated for a long time, there was a special research which you can purchase in the shop to play while catching Magikarps.

Since I have not tried it before, I decided to go for it. It costs SGD$1.48 and once purchased, it automatically goes into your special research tab.


Pokemon Go Research Part 27 – Making A Splash (Parts 1)

You receive Magikarps.


Pokemon Go Research Part 27 – Making A Splash (Parts 2)

Pokemon Go Research Part 27 – Making A Splash (Parts 3)


Pokemon Go Research Part 27 – Making A Splash (Parts 4)

You get a Gyarados.

No idea if it’s because of bug on Pokemon Go, my app kept hanging and I did not manage to get any shiny. 🀨

You get to catch magikarps in the wild and also as a reward, which did not attract me since there wasn’t any confirmed shiny that you will get.

However, if you do managed to complete the research, you get 2 incense, 3 rare candies, 1 rocket radar and 1 poffin (worth 100 coins in shop), it’s still quite worthed it.

But I would suggest that you start the research right at the start so that you have more time to complete it. I started with only 15-30 mins of community day left, with my incense turned on, got stucked at completing curved great shots but managed to still finish it eventually, even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

I evolved my magikarp at 5pm (when community day ends) and I thought I missed collection (part 3) but it was still there when I checked so I managed to complete it. Not exactly sure if the research is around for the day or only during the time span of community day but it was a rush to finish so start earlier. πŸ˜‰

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