One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Bonbons Gacha 01 (New Year Festival Luffy)

In One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! you will need bonbons (your crew members or “battle cards”) that you can use against the enemies to win the puzzles.

To get bonbons, you can either get them the following ways:

1) On the journey, through completing the puzzles – but these are usually more common, less stars so not as strong

2) Exchanging them in the exchange shop with star coins – also might not be as strong

3) In events – can usually get 3 or 4 stars bonbons which are strong

4) Gacha – bonbons rarity varies, collection is random but if you manage to get the 4 stars bonbons, they are very strong

Here I am going to touch on Gacha bonbons and also record the bonbons I have received.

To access the gacha, click on Recruit on the bottom left.


There are also three types of Gachas. Events related gachas (time limited) which can help in the current event, time limited gachas and the usual gachas which are always there.

The below is a Time Limited Event Gacha.

As shown, there are 20 days left.

Event related gacha means that the 4 stars bonbons you receive will help in the current event.

Click on Featured Bonbons at the top right and you will be able to see the bonbons available and their skills.


You can also see the Drop Rates of the bonbons, found at the top middle. I am only showing a little part of it, because the list is super long.

They are listed according to their rarity. 4 stars first, 3 stars then 2 stars.


Under the event, on the bottom right Event Bonus Bonbons and you can see the skills, as well as the event points boost, shown below.


Next is a Time Limited Gacha.

The time left for this gacha is shown, but there are no events linked to it.


The normal gacha that is always available, but you still need to use Rainbow Pearls to recruit, as per the other two above.


This next gacha is also a normal gacha that’s always available but you will need to use a red Recruit Ticket to get them.


I really wanted a strong Zoro bonbon so I tried out the New Year Festival gacha.


Johnny: 2 Stars

When you receive the same bonbon for a second time, you don’t get the bonbon. Instead your bonbon’s skill level increases by 1.

I don’t want to have tons of duplicated pics so henceforth, I will only record new bonbons received.


Pepper: 2 Stars


Pearl: 3 Stars


Shishilian: 3 Stars


Helmeppo: 3 Stars


Butchie: 2 Stars


Nefeltari Cobra: 3 Stars


Cabaji: 2 Stars


I am considered lucky because my first round of 10 recruits and I managed to get the event related features bonbon Luffy.

Luffy: 4 Stars

Skills: Drops 55 self bonbons and attacks. Turns 4 other bonbons into self bonbons.


Ms. Goldenweek: 3 Stars


Mr. 5: 3 Stars


Lucky Roux: 3 Stars

This is a good one to get. His skill is gives you an extra turn.


Chou-Chou: 2 Stars


Richie: 2 Stars


To be continued…

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