Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Lucky Red Envelopes 2022 – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Hey guys,

My links are below if you are looking for Red Envelopes for the new campaign.

Check the comments below for other players’ links to click on. 😄


You can share a total of 20 red packets and you are able to send one to yourself, and I only have 19 lucky red envelopes to give away as of now, the time of posting. Remember you can share your envelope ONCE with yourself.

You can either click on the words link or the link itself below, it’s the same thing.


This is the Whatsapp Lucky Red Envelopes Referral Code Link:

Whatsapp Red Envelopes


This is the Twitter Lucky Red Envelopes Referral Code Link:

Twitter Red Envelopes


I have already completed mine, but if you want to share Lucky Red Envelopes/ Packets with others, please post your link in comments so that I can approve them for others to click on. This way, you will be able to click on those that others share too.


If you have no idea how to share your links, all you have to do is,
In the Red Envelopes Event (inside the MLBB app), click on the icons (WhatsApp, Twitter, Line etc) to share the links with someone, then you can copy and paste the links in the comments of my post. Personally, I find sharing on WhatsApp the easiest to retrieve the links.

You need to open a total of 10 red packets in order to get a chance to win the skins. I only got an emote. 🙁


Have fun collecting and Happy Chinese New Year in advance! 🧧

If you are looking for the invitation code for Old/ Return Players, you can use this:

My Invitation Code: 9u1comh

Keep safe! 😷

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