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Level Up! Level 40 Unlocked! – Pokemon Go

Level Up! Finally, I am at level 40.

Sadly, I did not manage to attain this level last year where there was supposed to be a reward as well as a medal given if I did, but I did not manage to play much during the last two months of the year.



Congratulated on reaching level 40.

And then I am told that in order to get to the next level, there will be new challenges ahead.

What a welcome. πŸ˜…


To view your progress, and the requirements that are needed, you need to go to your profile page.

Just beside the level progress is a telescope icon with numbers below. I assume that the numbers refer to the challenges that you need to complete in order to get to the next level.

In my case, I am at part 1 of 4 parts.

Click on the telescope or the arrow beside the icon, and you will be able to see the criteria.

6 million XP will take some time.


1) Power up a Legendary Pokemon 20 times

– attainable, not difficult


2) Win 30 raids

– Will take a while but still ok


3) Catch 200 Pokemon in a single day

– Gosh! This is tough! I doubt even if I am online 12 hours, I won’t be able to see 200 pokemon in a day. This means I will need to use lure or incense or both.

Perhaps I will need to make use of Community Day plus lure and incense to hit that number. 😨


4) I don’t even know this task is since it was completed already when I reached level 40. πŸ˜…


The reward for level 41 is glasses. πŸ˜† Really? Glasses? 🀣


At level 40, there is also something new. That is Candy XL.

You will be able to convert your normal candy to candy XL.


Β How do you get Candy XL?

Other than converting your normal candies to candies XL, when you reach level 40 and as you catch pokemon, there is a chance that you will receive candy XL.

A chance because it’s totally random and there is nothing you can do about it.

You will receive both normal candy and candy XL.

The number of candy XL you will receive is also random.

Even if you use Pinap berries (yellow pineapple-like berries) as I did twice below, only the normal berries will double, and the candy XL you get is still random.


You will be able to see the number of candy XL you have for each pokemon beside the normal candies.


What is Candy XL?

It is the same as normal candy, used for powering up your pokemon. However, normal candy is used for powering up your pokemon until it reaches level 40.

Beyond level 40, you will need candy XL to power it up. For now, you can only power up your pokemons to level 50.


How do you tell/ know what level your pokemon is at?

I wondered the same myself and it seems that the most accurate way to determine your pokemon’s level is to use IV calculators that are aplenty online.


I have also read that when your stardust reaches 5k for the first time, your pokemon is at level 29 and then, 2 more power ups will bring it to level 30.

Usually, I power up according to their CP. Did a rough check and my blissey is at 9000 stardust but still far from 3000 CP. πŸ˜…


Another method I saw is that you can look at the white arc above the pokemon. There is a dot on the arc and the more right the dot is, the higher the level of your pokemon.

Looking at my Fletching above, and the stardust needed to power up, it’s has to be quite high a level. Above level 29 I guess.


I doubt knowing about the level of the pokemons will affect my decision to power them up, because I still go by the necessity and the amount of candies I have.

Like for Legendary Pokemons, I just finish using the candies that I have and that’s it, because it’s not easy to get their candies and I don’t want to waste rare candy on them.


So how high do you level your pokemons to? Do you go by CP like I do or by levels or pokemon types?



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