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Shadow Pokemons How To Tell (Summary) – Pokemon Go

Shadow Pokemons How To Tell (Summary) – Pokemon Go

This is a summary of hints given by the Team Go Rocket on what pokemons to expect before you fight so you know or can gauge what pokemons you should choose to counter.

For now, when facing the more common Shadow pokemons, my standard lineup is 1) Dragonite

2) Mew Two

3) Rhyperior


How To Tell Summary:

These waters are treacherous!

1) Squirtle

2) Marshtomp

3) Swarmpert


Normal does not mean weak!

1) Zubat

2) Raticate

3) Snorlax


Coiled and ready to strike!

1) Grimer

2) Golbat

3) Muk


1) Bulbasaur

2) Muk

3) Ivysaur


Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get?

1) Houndour

2) Charmeleon

3) Charizard


Don’t tangle with us!

1) Zubat

2) Ivysaur

3) Ivysaur


Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?

1) Drowzee

2) Drowzee

3) Hypno


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