One Piece Dance Battle

One Piece Dance Battle ~ 02 (Mugiwara Characters)

There are two type of characters:
1) Leader
2) Crew Members

For leaders, you can only have one. (of course~)

As for crew members, you can have 5 of them.

You can also recruit help (another leader) from friends or other users.
Highly recommended to do so.

Like One Piece Treasure Cruise, the following also applies:
Blue beats Red
Red beats Green
Green beats Blue

Purple beats Yellow
Yellow beats Purple

There is an additional silver/ white colour which I have yet to figure out the effect towards other colours or vice versa.

Refer to the image below:


The first row is your opponent’s leader and crew. Since the leader is red, blue beats red so if possible, choose a blue leader for both yourself and your friend’s leader.

If you have high attack levels for blue crews, you can change them too. You can win faster and easier that way.

The second row are your leader and crew members.

The bottom row is your friend’s leader. In my case, I chose zoro because I do not have any blue leader friends so I chose the one with the highest attack.

These are my new Straw Hat/ Mugiwara characters:























(To be continued…)

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