One Piece Dance Battle

One Piece Dance Battle ~ 01 (Dancing Mugiwara Crew)

I want to clear pictures in my phone due to the tons of pictures taken during Christmas, trip to SEA Aquarium and the Doraemon 100 Gadgets Expo so decided to share all the screen grabs here first.


Started the game with a dancing Chopper~


Dancing Zoro~


Dancing Luffy~


Dancing Usopp~


Dancing Sanji~


Dancing Nami~


Dancing Robin~


Dancing Franky~


Dancing Brooks~


(To be continued…)


  • kawaimc

    I’ve been playing this game as well! Please show some of your cool characters with costumes if you have them!

    I got this Chopper with a cool costume, but I can’t remember where I got him from xD

    • rach

      hahaha i got that too! n dont remember which i suspect, could be original chopper that we received, they just updated his costumes. cos i couldnt find any screengrabs that i got new character for chopper

      • kawaimc

        Oh, so it’s a normal costume everyone has ?? I thought it was a rare one lol. I tried getting the new leaders with costumes from the Film Z, but didn’t get anything cool. Mainly just crew members T^T

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