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[Limited Time] Tickets Free Stories July 2021 – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Hey fellow Chapters readers~

There are tickets free stories currently on Chapters: Interactive Stories for a limited period of time.

Starting from 30 July to 5 August 2021, you can read 3 different stories without using any tickets.


Judging from the banner, I would assume it has to do with the ongoing Olympics. πŸ˜‚

“Become a Gold Medalist in our Chapters Readathon.”πŸ…



This is quite rare as usually you will just be given a day pass to complete a story within 24 hours, but for this you can take your time to finish up the three stories within the time period, of one week.

You can access the 3 stories either directly from your homepage, by scrolling down till you see this, and read directly from there.


If not, you can also find it under the presents icon at the bottom of the page where your Events are. And that is where you can see this banner.


You will be led to the three stories once you click on it.

  • Once Perfect
  • I Wish You Were Mine
  • Behind Closed Doors

As these stories aren’t new, maybe most ardent Chapters readers have already finished them, like I did. πŸ˜‚

Even so, I am planning to read Once Perfect again because I remember liking the story and spending a lot of diamonds on it. πŸ˜… Oh! That doesn’t mean the diamonds are worth spending. 😬

I like the story and simply think the male MC is cute. 🀣 I think he is probably the best looking MC I remember by far. Not taking into account the male characters on covers, he definitely left a deep impression. 😍

Didn’t really like the looks of the female MCs. 🀨


The three stories are:

1) Once Perfect

– This is by Cecy Robson.

I spend diamonds on this story so not exactly sure how the flow will be like without spending.


2) I Wish You Were Mine

– This is by Lauren Layne.

I have read almost all of her books, including this. I would think this pales in comparison to some of her other stories but it is worth a read since it’s free anyway. πŸ€“ Still remember the story so I doubt I will read again.


3) Behind Closed Doors

– Based on the book “The Senator’s Son“.

– This is by Anna Albo.

I did not read the book so it was purely based on Chapters and I wasn’t impressed by the storyline. Don’t think I spent any diamonds on it, so that might be the reason why but the plot didn’t tempt me enough to want to. Wouldn’t be reading this again.


Anyway, if you have already finished them long ago, I would suggest that you just click on them to read the last chapter.

This is because when you finished reading them a long time ago, the 10 diamonds that you receive upon finishing a book has not been implemented yet, and when you just click on it to finish up the last chapter, you will still be given Maple Coins and 10 Diamonds upon reaching the end.

However, if you have already received the 10 diamonds, I believe you would not receive them again. I will update this after I have finished Once Perfect again if it is not so. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Less than a day till August.

Take care and enjoy binge reading. πŸ“š

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