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Collect Your Free Oximeter – Singapore 2021

Have you seen this in your postal mailbox? If so, hold on to it and DON’T throw it away.


This is the front of the leaflet.


It’s not another of those junk advertisements flyers that you receive in your mailbox.

This is for you to collect your FREE Oximeter.


If you have not received it, then check your mailbox for it. You should have received it by 3rd July 2021, according to the website.

Make sure you don’t throw it away accidentally as you will need to detach a portion of the leaflet inside to redeem for your free oximeter.

And when you open up your leaflet, you will see this portion that can be detached.

Detach it at the line, where the yellow arrow is pointing towards. This is the part you need in order to make your redemption.


When can you collect your free oximeter?

Each household is entitled to one free oximeter.

You can start your collection today, 5th July 2021, Monday to 5th August 2021, Thursday.


Where can you collect the oximeter?

At the back of this redemption tab, you will be able to see the locations where you can do your collections. You will be able to collect it at Cold Storage, Giant, FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Guardian, Unity and Watsons.

As it is stated “select locations only”, it will be best if you do a check before heading there by scanning the QR Code on the redemption tab.
Or you can just visit the website directly: Free Oximeter Collection Locations




As it was stated on the website, you need to have the redemption tab with the barcode intact in order to claim your oximeter.



Check The Locations To Collect Your Free Oximeter:

Here is a simple walkthrough on how to check the locations.

  1. Visit the Oximeter Website. Close the pop up by clicking on the cross.
  2. Scroll down and you can see the various collection points.
  3. Keep scrolling down until you see the area to “Enter your postal code to find the nearest collection points to you”. Here, you can key in your home postal code, office postal code or the postal code of wherever you wish to do the collection at.

Eg. In my case, as I am planning to go to Westgate this week, I entered Westgate’s postal code. (You can just google to do a search for the mall’s address.)

Click on Submit.
Then the various collection points near Westgate will be shown.

You can click on Try Another Location to do another search.


What is this free oximeter for?

It is to measure your blood oxygen and pulse rate. As Covid-19 virus can cause the amount of oxygen in your blood to drop, this will help us to monitor and keep track of our blood oxygen levels.

Especially when one can have covid without realising or having any symptoms.


When your blood oxygen is 95% – 100%, it is normal.

However, beyond that, according to the leaflet and the website.

90% – 94% – Call a doctor

Below 90% – Go to A&E Immediately


How to use an oximeter?

Inside the leaflet, there are also instructions on why use an oximeter and how to use an oximeter.


From the website where you check for the collection points, you can also see videos instructing you on how to use the oximeter. You just have to scroll down all the way beyond the part where you enter the postal code.

You can then choose the language of the video you want to view it in by clicking on the languages blue tabs on top. Four languages are available for the videos.




This collection is based on the leaflet and your address so if your parents and yourself are staying in two different addresses, you should receive one leaflet and your parents should receive one.

And you can get the redemption tab from them to collect on their behalf. Same goes for your elderly neighbours, if you have to help them collect.

You can ONLY collect your free oximeter with the redemption tab in the leaflet/ booklet/ brochure, not your IC.


What if you did not receive the leaflet for the free oximeter? What if you lost or have thrown away the oximeter leaflet?

Therefore, if you did not receive it, as per the FAQs, check with your family members, those who live in the same household or your tenants/ landlord first.

If they don’t have the oximeter leaflet, then you can contact Temasek Foundation at [email protected] or call their hotline 1800 738 2000.

I assume you can also contact them if you have lost the leaflet and nobody from your household has collected it yet.


Remember to collect your free oximeter.

Stay safe! 😷

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