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Christmas🎄 Rewards Received – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Previously I shared the Christmas events in Chapters Interactive Stories which just ended.

Did you manage to get a lot of goodies from the Advent Calendar and the Christmas Fortune Wheel? 😊

I tried to remember to login everyday but I failed so had to utilise some diamonds to complete the days that I didn’t login, just so I could get the bonus rewards.

Other than that, I really like the wheel, even though sometimes it agitated me. 😠 Like how I spent 300 coins to spin and get 150 coins back, consecutively for 5-6 times.

On the last day of the wheel, I splurge my diamonds and I supposedly got back more. Not in actual diamonds, because I didn’t win the 100 diamonds, not even once. But the value of the prizes are worth more diamonds than what I spent, according to them.

In fact, I won diamonds when I spun with coins but didn’t win any diamonds when spun with diamonds. 😅

These are what I received on the last day and in total.

Too bad they only record the last 24 hours rewards. The amount of diamonds I have definitely dropped since I used them for wheel.

However, I ended up with 66 free passes. On top of the 2 free passes received everyday, it means that I received and won a total of 64 passes from both the advent calendar and the Christmas wheel. 🥳

On top of that, other than the passes that have expired, I still end up with 4 day passes and 5 choice passes.

A bit of a rush to finish utilising the day passes though, since they all expire on the same day. 😅

What about you? How was your loot? 🥳

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