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    Zebra Doves’ Nest On My Window Sill

    This little birdy built a nest on my window sill in a few hours yesterday morning, laid one egg yesterday, and another egg today. 🫢   So… I have a pet now. 😅 1st egg laid on 26 September 2022.   2nd egg laid today, 27 September 2022. Happy birthday 華仔~ ❤️🥚🥚😂🪺🐣

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    MoolahTycoon Referral Code: ivcihmpI – 50,000 Moolah$ DBS

    DBS MoolahTycoon 2023 is back. Before I go into details, if you are looking for a referral code to sign up for the game, here is mine: DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: ivcihmpI https://www.moolahtycoon.dbs.com.sg/register.html?referralCode=ivcihmpI Using my referral code when you are signing up, or clicking directly on my referral link, gives you an additional 50,000 Moolah$ to start your game. (It has been reduced from 500,000 Moolah$.) This game starts from 1 July to 30 September 2023.   There is a current National Day promo to receive an extra 500,000 Moolah$ now for everyone, not only new users so if you are an existing user, this is for you too. You…